Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Furnishing the House

As regular readers will know we're in hte process of dealing with this new (to us) house and now that we've got most of it done we are approaching the final part of stage one. The final part of one half of the house that is.

We've got the builders coming in with the kitchen and utlitly room stuff! Yay!. Already bought almost all of the necessary bits and pieces, only one more to go. The washing machine. So given my dislike of going shopping (I've been known to walk into a store, see something and say "I'll have that", rather than bothering to compare things) I've been casting around the web for places that will sell me a washing machine.

And I've got to say, these guys at Wize seem to do a pretty good selection in the washing machine line. The prices are good as well: they compare very favourably with the other sites I've seen. Of course, there is still a gender difference in how these things work: I'm certainly not going to be allowed to simply buy one. That will be the decision of the wife. No, not because I'm a sexsist pig but because that's just the way things work around here. I'm not allowed to buy anything important without her say so: for precisely the reason mentioned above, I'll buy the first thing I see.

Still, at least I know where to point her now, which website she'll get to choose from.