Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes, I've a new car!

It's taken me long enough I have to admit. We've of course long had a car, even two at times, but they've always been practical and reliable ones. You know, the sort that just work when you want them to but don't have any pizzazz or interest to them. I've finally been able to change this as a result of my having been working an extra job or two over recent years. Finally been able to buy something I'd like to drive just for the joy of driving it, not for the reason of wanting to actually get somewhere.

The thing is though, I'm of that age where buying a two seater sports car is simply viewed as my mid life crisis. And while this may be true I have a feeling that more than one diagnosis of said min-lifer is in fact simply a diagnosis of finally, someone's actually been able to save enough money to get what they have wanted for years. Which is, I insist, what is true in my case.

Still, having saved and scrimped to get the car I've still got to be able to run it. Which is why I'm off to search for cheap auto insurance. Just because I've finally been able to afford the car doesn't mean that I can stop being careful about the costs of having it.