Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting online algebra help

So what do you do if you are looking for Algebra 2 help? No use really running to Mom and Pop for they've changed the whole of math since they were at school (no, really, they have). What would really be useful is if there was some place that offered free online algebra help. And, fortunately, there is.

Algebra help is available simply by clicking through any one of the links in this post. But don't worry, it's not like you're going to have an algebra tutor standing over you, hitting you with a rule every time you forgetwhat x or y are, or how to solve a quadratic equation.

No, the algebra tutoring takes place online, with an online algebra tutor, so that there's no worries about working at your own pace, wanting to go over stuff again or repeat any section. And no, your tutor does not become bored or frustrated with you.

Really, try it out, you can work at your own speed and take your time over it: or you can race through it just as fast as you understand it. Entirely up to you.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kari Ann Peniche

Oh my, Kari Ann Peniche does seem to have got herself into a spot of bother here.

To set the scene: there's an Eric Dane sex tape out there now floating around the internet. This stars Eric himself, his wife, Rebecca Gayheart and yes, Kari.

OK, fine, sex tape with a trio, so what? Well, the problem with the Eric Dane sex tape is that Rebecca Gayheart and Eric might have paid Kari to be there you see.

And the problem with that is that Kari Ann Peniche is currently suspected of being smoething of a madam amongst the Hollywood set. So the police have the tape and are trying to see if Kari was acting on a professional basis there.

That might not turn out so well.

Rebecca and her hubbie

Rebecca Gayheart seems to have found herself in an interesting situation. For a sex tape that she made with her husband, Eric Dane, is now being flashed all over the internet.

Actually, Rebecca Gayheart's problem isn't so much that she made a sex tape with her husband: such behaviour, while odd, is not in fact illegal. No, what's causing the possible problems is the third person in Eric Dane's sex tape.

That would be Kari Ann Peniche. And the problem that her involvement is causing with the Eric Dane sex tape is that Kari Ann Peniche might in fact have been there on a professional, not freem basis.

Even that should not be too much of a problem if it were not for the fact that Kari is being investigated for romours that she is a madam.....and that's really quite illegal and is the reason that the police are studying the tape so diligently.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Finding commercial mailboxes

One of the nice things about being out here in the country is that, well, we're out here in the coutnry. One of the bad things about being out here in the country is that at times, we're out here in the country.

And that has an impact upon our mail deliveries. The mailman won't come to the house at all: we have to use a commercial mailbox system at the bottom of the road, shared with the other houses around us. That's not all that much of a problem except that the commercial mailbox itself now needs replacing. And that's not just something that you can buy from the store on the corner, is it?

So I've been looking around and found a decent online supplier of a commercial mailbox. Now all I need to do is get the neighbours to sign up to replacing the old one, right?

One slightly naugthy thought does occur: they run a referral service, giving payouts if people get referred through your blog. Should I get one of my neighbours to order the new commercial mailbox though this blog?