Monday, January 26, 2009

Those new cars

OK, OK, we know that the auto industry is in bad shape globally. Just about every manufacturer is laying off workers, reducing production and falling into losses instead of the hoped or profits. This doesn't just affect the Big Three.

What it means of course is that we're just not buying as many cars as there is capacity to make them. However, this isn't true of every model of every car. For example, the 2009 Prius from Toyota. This is just about the only model globally that has a waiting list for it, showing that there is indeed something very special about this hybrid car.

Think about it for a little bit. If everyone elses' cars are not selling but the Prius 2009 model is, then there has to be something special about this particular car. As, indeed, there is something special about it and you can find out all about it by clicking through any of those links.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Where to get your hair done in Chalont

OK, this is clearly going to be a minority interest. That minority being those who want to know about any hair salon Chalont. Or perhaps that's better put as a hair salon in Chalont. I assume that would be of interest to those who were in the Chalong area and in need of a trim, a shampoo, a new hairstyle altogether. Or even waxes and therapeutic massages: for this is indeed a full service salon Chalont....or again, perhaps that's better put as Chalont's full service salon.

Tony D's certainly looks very reasonably priced and as it says above, offers all the usual services and then some. And if it's hair salon Chalont color that you're most interested in, that you want to find a salon that can do you a good coloring job then this again would be a good time for me to mention Tony D's.

Click through any of those links to see what they've got to offer you.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Looking for a credit card

OK, OK, we all know that in this modern world it's almost impossible to get along without a credit card. There are simply too many people who won't take payment in cash for that to be possible.

So, we've decided to go out and look for a card. Should we simply take the first offer that comes through the mailbox? No, no and thrice no. For that first offer might, just might be a good one, but it's most likely going to be a bad offer. What you want to do is compare credit cards. You can do that by clicking through that link. You want to know what the interest rate is going to be, what are the late payment penalties, are there any special offers like interest free periods? Cashback?

OK, so we going to have a look around and see what's the best deal. But don't forget that what's the best deal for one person might not be for another. It might even be that for the same person different cards will have different merits. For example, one card that you pay off each month in full but has good cashback possibilities and another with a low interest rate that you use to make those bigger buys that need a few months to pay off? As a start though here's a selection of excellent credit cards.

There's one final thing. There are also bad credit cards out there and you really do want to have a look through that list before you make your selection.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Private student loans

There's so much that goes on in the whole US education system that it's almost impossible for one person to learn it all. Even with just a simple subject like student loans there's always something new to learn. There are Pell Grants for example, plus a myriad of other federal and state schemes to make it easier to get student loans so that you can go to college, get the training you need.

But over and above this governmental system there's a whole series of private student loans. I know, it sounds odd, why would a profit making company be willing to lend to you at rates that match or are, for other reasons, better than those on offer from the government? Well, the why is a little difficult to explain, but they are indeed out there. If you want to know more about private student loans why not click through that link?

The biggest advantage to these loans is that they're not limited. Maybe your family's income means you can't get enough to cover all your bills from the government system: but you're also not getting the money from your family? Well, that's at least one use for the private loans, they can be used to fill that gap.

Why not check it out?

Wholesale clothing

Now here's a really great idea to try and beat the credit crunch. OK, let's call it a recession then but let's still beat it. Why not buy clothing wholesale instead of retail? This will also neatly get over the fact that there aren't going to be any retail stores soon to buy from!

OK, so none of us actually want to have 6 copies of the same dress, but that's what buying wholesale clothing will mean. But think of it this way (and click through to this wholesale clothing outfit to see what I mean) what if you can get 6 dresses for $36? That's not each, that's for all 6.

OK, I think you might be beginning to see the merits of getting your clothing wholesale now. It's going to be very inexpensive indeed, just what we need to beat the crunch.

And what you can of course do is create a little buying group. Hey, why not get say 12 people together and buy 6 each of say, 6 or 7 different things. It's be pretty cheap in total and amazingly cheap when you split it out amongst you. And as long as you make sure that you're not wearing them all on the same day you get modern fashion clothes for a fraction of the price you're going to get them any other way.

So why not?

Which web host?

So, we all know that the success or not of our business in these modern times will depend upon how well we manage our web presence. It's just not possible to be successful without using the information superhighway any more.

OK, so we know that. But then comes the question, OK, where should I put my site? And here's a lot more to that than just price. That's why I very much like this series of web hosting articles. They're not there simply to sell you something, they're geniuinely informative pieces which will open you mind to the basic issues that you need to be thinking about. Price against reliability, security against ease of building. That's what a decent series of web hosting articles would be and this is what this is.

Of course, once you read and digest, you'll then be able to work out what are the tradeoffs that you want to make with your own site. And the same site can then help you with all of that. Cheap web hosting, security issues, there's a mine of information and guidance available for you there.

Well worth reading before you decide how to get your business on the web.

Sorting out the trade fair

No, that's sorting out the trade fair, not sorting out fair trade. For someone like me, with a business, one of the things that has to be done is that form of advertising which involves trade show exhibits. It can be a little like standing in a barn and hawking your wares, but a well designed trade show exhibit will make a great deal of difference to how successful you are at it.

Instead of simply having a booth and a table with a few brochures, think how much more attention people are going to pay to you if you had one of these great trade show exhibits to excite them?

OK, something quite that grand might be beyond your budget. It's certainly beyond ine. But it does make the point that if you're going to be at a trade show, you really do want to pay attention to your trade show exhibit: after all, it's you exhibiting yourself to the trade and the better you can do that the more orders you're going to take.

Light fixtures

I've been looking around at light fixtures on the web as I've just got the builders finishing another part of this project. I was getting a little tired of either the near random results being thrown up by the search engines....and also of the very structured results coming from the comparison engines.

Very structured meaning the results from those companies which have paid for addition to the engine. That's why it was so refreshing to find ShopWiki. It uses the best of both worlds.

Essentially, it's like a search engine, in that all results that can be found are included. But they're organised properly. You can, for example, drill down from indoor lights, to wall lights, ceiling lights and hanging lamps.

But ity's al├žso liek a shopping engine, in that you can then compare the offers from all of he different potential suppliers. If, like me, you're looking for things to buy then it is well worth your having a look.