Friday, August 29, 2008

Chalfont Pennsylvania

Are you round and about Chalfont Pennsylvania? You are? Excellent, might you also be looking for a hair salon Chalfont? You are?

Even better. Why not click through that link there to check out Tony D's place? Not just a full service place, it's a total body concept place.

Not just a hair salon color chalfont sort of place, they also do massages, waxes and of course, the full set of wash, cut, dry and colorings. The prices look pretty good too.

Hey to get you to try them out they'll even offer $10 off any service if you're a new customer.

It's the full service salon Chalfont desires, don't you think?

Worth clicking through to see their prices and the full set of services. It's also a pretty good website actually, recommended as a good example of a small business site.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trade Show Gear

One of the things we businessmen know is that you've got to go for the marketing gusto. There's no point in being shy or reluctant in proclaiming the value and worth of your own products.

That's why when you go off to tradeshows there's no point in simplyhaving a few mimeographs to hand out from your table and chair booth. You need to actually spend some time and money on your trade show exhibits. Click through that link to see what I mean: those sorts of stands and designs scream that you've got something interesting to tell people. Which of course, is half the battle in any type of marketing, getting people's attention in the first place.

You might also want to have a look at what they can do for you about exhibit booths as well, to see more detail of what is on offer. Yes, trade show displays are also available.

You only get that one chance to make a first impression on a potential customer: to convert them into an actual customer that impression has to be a good one.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Generators R Us

Where we are we've got a very nervous electricty supply system. It seems to vary hugely, from brownout to over bearingly bright. It also fails consistently. So I've been looking into the possibility (nay, necessity!) of getting us a generator. It simply doesn't work trying to make a living on hte internets without reliable electricity supplies.

This one, a kubota diesel generator might be a little over the top for my needs but that site looks like an excellent guide to what I do in fact need. I've even got a buddy who can pack it up and ship it to me...although from what I can see the distributor will do that too.

What I need to work out first is what size of diesel generator I need. Not all that big I would guess, I'm only looking to run one household off of it. With a 10 minute UPS system and battery on hte computer, then run the incoming power line through a trip switch to start the generator if power is cut....that's the way it is done isn't it?

So, what I need to do now is run through the site and see which of the various diesel generators

will meet that spec.

Fortunately the site is well laid out and really simple so that even I can understand it. Right, excuse me, I'm off, got work to do on getting this place properly sorted out.

Cupid's arrow hits Olympic archers

You know, that's the sort of headline that sub editors spend their entire working lives looking forward to. A bad pun and the opportunity to use it.

South Korea's top male and female archers capped gold medal performances at the Beijing Olympics by announcing wedding plans just as the games ended, an archery official said on Tuesday.

Park Sung-hyun, 25, who led the women's team to a gold medal and won an individual silver in Beijing, is to marry Park Kyung-mo, 33, who had similar success at the Games.

"The exact date hasn't been decided yet but, yes, they are dating each other and planning to get married," said an official from the Korea Archery Association.

The two, known for their cool composure in competition, struck up a relationship while training for the Olympics.

They surprised team mates and coaches by announcing at a Beijing restaurant that they were engaged, local media reported people close to the two archers as saying.

For those of you who don't know the intricacies of the news business there's two entirely different groups of people out there who bring it to you. The reporters, who investigate and write the actual stories. And the sub editors: they're the ones who lay them out, check them, edit them and yes, they also write the headlines. The two rarely meet and certainly hold each other in contempt...but the subs live for the day when they can get such crashingly awful puns into hte headlines.

Dental Care

You may or may not believe this but good dental care is the biggest marker of success in the US today.

No, really. The technology has become so advanced and so developed that anyone with less than perfect teeth is facing a really hard problem in getting ahead in American society. So given this, and given the cheapness of so many of the dental products, you might want to think about having a look over here at dental health products . Use your head to get ahead sort of thing :-)

Actually the technology has advanced so much that dental care and dental products are not just for us humans any more. As we learn more about the problems that can come from gum disease and so on, we now have available things like this: dog plaque remover . Just as with our own teeth it's important to make sure that your pets don't suffer from those debilitating diseases which lead to teeth falling out and even, in extreme cases, heart disease (yes, gum infections can indeed lead to that).

And for those who like to get up close and personal with their dogs, how about this? dog bad breath treatments?

That's a site well worth having a look at so check out today!.

Mobile Phone throwing championship

No, this isn'tsomthing done in urban Amerioca as people realise what cr*p they're signed up to with Sprint. Rather, the world mobile phone (or cellphone if you prefer) throwing championships are held in Finland.

Writer Risto Etelamaki said mobile-phone throwing -- which originated from Finland's national strength in the sport of javelin throwing -- combines recycling philosophy with play.

"The sport is also a symbolical mental liberation from the restraining yoke of being constantly within reach," he wrote in his book "Funny Finnish Pursuits."

Finland, home of mobile phone giant Nokia, boasts one of the most mature mobile phone markets in the world, where people pay for pizzas, parking and tram tickets using cellphones.

It's not actually the weirdest of the summer competitions either. There's swamp soccer, there's milk pail sitting, wife lifting:

Organizers say the wife-carrying contest is rooted in the legend of Ronkainen the Robber, who in the 19th century tested aspiring gang members by forcing them to lug sacks of grain or live swine over a similar course.

Another notion is that it stems from an even earlier tribal practice of wife-stealing, in honor of which many contestants now take up the challenge with someone else's wife.

Those hundreds of Finns who vie each year to keep their behinds longest in nests occupied by some 40,000 ants are, it is claimed, actually following an ancient health ritual -- one which keeps all their senses alive.

The real reason they do all of thios though is that the winters are so appalling that they'll do anything to get outside in hte summer.

Õr at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Russian Brides

OK, so everyone (OK, all single men are) is interested in the secrets of Russian Dating , yes?

As someone who lived there for more years than I care to remember perhaps I can give you some pointers?

Actually, to be honest, it's rather easier for me to point you to this site about Russian Women . I think they've got it pretty much right. There is a very different attitude to life and marriage over there.

One scene in a movie that describes it all rather well. It's Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer in, umm, The Russia House I think. They're in her apartment and they've just had dinner. He helps her with the plates and tries to start doing the dishes. She asks "Why would you take my privileges?".

This is, as you might note, a vastly different division of the labour of the household than we're used to in other countries. There is still very much a division into what is rightfully men's work and what is rightfully women's.

Heck, I remember a date there when I cooked dinner for a couple of girls in the papartment. They refused to believe that a man would have cooked dinner (no, it wasn't very good, it was it being done at all that surprised them).

No,Russian Brides are not a walk over, it's not a mail order operation, much travel and time must be spent in capturing their heart, just as with any other woman. But the end result, as the site (go on, click through to see) points out can be a very different style of relationship.

Nun Beauty Pageant

It's a shame, this sounded like it could have been a really fun time: a nun's beauty pageant.

Yes, an Italian priest was thinking of having a beauty pageant for nuns. Who wouldn't be looking forward to the swimsuit round?

Sadly it looks like it's not going to happen.

An Italian priest who had planned an online "pageant" for nuns has suspended the project, saying he was misinterpreted and had no intention of putting sisters on a beauty catwalk.

"My superiors were not happy. The local bishop was not happy, but they did not understand me either," Father Antonio Rungi told Reuters by telephone from his convent in southern Italy Tuesday.

"It was not at all my intention to put nuns on the catwalk," said Rungi, a priest of the Passionists religious order, speaking from his convent in the town of Mondragone.

Rungi's idea appeared in newspapers around the world after he wrote of a contest for nuns on his blog, called by some "Sister Italy 2008."

"It was interpreted as more of a physical thing. Now, no-one is saying that nuns can't be beautiful, but I was thinking about something more complete," he said.

He said his concept for the contest, in which nuns would vote for themselves on his blog, would include attributes such as their spirituality, social awareness, charity and other qualities.

Ah, now that makes more sense: it would have been a pageant for the beauty of their souls. But even that has risks: wouldn't the winner risk being overcome by the sin of pride?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Murad Acne

OK, so we know that acne is one of those teenage things, right? It comes and goes simply as part of that influx of hormones at about that time?

Well, it certainly can do, yes, but it's actually a great deal more than just that in fact. For some people it can be quite life changing in two different ways. The first is that if you get it bad it can end up scarring your skin for ever. The second is that for some people it carries on, it can even grumble on into someone's 30s or 40s, something which is more likely amongst women than men.

Acne Complex
can also happen.

So, no it isn't just one of those little teenage rites that we all have to pass through: it's a great deal more than that in fact. It can be something quite serious.

Fortunately there's also Murad Acne, something which can help deal with these problems.

It's great that the medical industry is ableto help us with these things, of course: now all we have to wait for is the treatment for helping us getting over that crush on the quarterback: that also seems to be one of those teenage things we all go through....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Understanding Dementia

The great plague of our times if the series of demetias and senilities that affect many people as they grow older. Some researchers think that 30 or 40 % of those over 80 show some signs of one or other of them, like Alzheimer's. Over 90 the numbers become even higher. Tehre are also those cases like Terry Pratchett, who has early onset dementia and who is unlikey to be recognisably himself past his 65th birthday.

These sorts of numbers make it all the more imperative that we start understanding dementia. In a scientific manner, of course, so that new and better treatments can be esigned, but also in a societal manner.

For example, it's vital that we understand dementia symptoms: these problems don't just come out of the blue, they take time to develop. And many of the dementia treatments do not reverse the symptoms: but they do stop them advancing. So early diagnosis is vital.

Click through any of the links for a great site to help you and give guidance to you on all these points.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dining Tables

Yes, we've got more furniture blogging as I continue to scour the net for the items with which to furnish our newly reconstructed house. Today it's dining room tables and I'm happy to say that I've found an excellent supplier.

The problem we've got with the locally supplied dining room tables is that people around here tend to be a great deal shorter than we are. Thus almost anything locally made or supplied leads to us banging our knees. Yes, I'm aware that this happens at those huge family lunches, where three or four generations try to assemble around one or more inadequate dining room tables, but I'd rather like that sort of thing to stay there, as an occasional rather than normal experience.

So thus the search and thus the joy at finding someone who seems to do a great line in dining room tables suitable for the taller adult. If your local supplpiers also seem to specialise in tables for the height challenged then I suggest you have a look too: just click through any of those links.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Modern Furniture

As regular readers will know we're sorting out this new to us house down here and we've got to the stage that we need to furnish it. Now it's an old house that we've entirely gutted and redone: so we're not restricted in our choice of furniture for it.

Rather, we can make a choice between modern furniture and old style: something which means we have some thinking to do. For again, while it's on old house the rebuild means that it's now got really clean lines to it, so modern furniture wouldn't look out of place at all. Indeed, the entirely redone walls and floors probably mean that it would look very good indeed.

Anyway, in trying to work out what to do I've found this excellent purveyor of modern furniture: I'm definitely leaning to this rather than old. The only problem is that with this selection (and these prices!) I'm left wondering which piece rather than which style.

Ho hum.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Commercial Mailboxes

You mayor may not be in the market for a commercial mailbox. If you are, might I suggest clicking through one of these links and looking at the different styles of commercial mailbox available?

There are different designs of course: wall mounted, free standing, on columns even kits where you can create a whole little hut with roof and all made of commercial mailboxes.

It shouldn't be all that much of a surprise of course, that these are all availabelfrom just one company. That's the beauty of buying from an internet store: they've always got everything in stock, just ready and waiting for you. And when that store is the leading retailer of those commercial mailboxes, well, you're going to find the full selection of them.

And all at great prices, with an easy to use interface and a well designed site.

So why not take a look?

(You'll also be interested to know they've got an affiliate program where you can earn $20 just for signing up!)