Thursday, August 25, 2011

Looking for webhosting

I think we're all up to speed now on the way in which to run a business these days we've got to have a presence on the web? Yes?

We don't have to be running a business entirely on the web, don't have to be selling something digital in a digital or online manner. But we do at the very least need to have a presence, something telling people that we're here and what we do.

And the first stage of getting that presence is to look into webhosting. The various different places you can put that presence offer diferent bundles of the things you might want.Different levels of reliability, of uptime, different bundles of memory, of bandwidth. Which is why you might want to check out the linked site.

They've a section of hosting reviews for example, another on hosting news. If you're thinking about what your web presence should be and where you should put it, worth having a rootle around that site to see what's on offer.