Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exercising the Horses

Now this is something I'd never really thought about before but now that I've seen it I think it's wonderful. It's a horse exerciser.

No, yes, I know what you're thinking....we keep horses to get exercise ourselves, don't we? So why would we want a horse walker that gives them that exercise automatically? And there's a point there, but when you look at how we actually live our lives today, you begin to see why. How many of us can actually ride our horse each and every day? Well, yes, quite. Plenty of us cannot manager to walk our dogs every day....

So that's the niche that horse walkers occupy: yes, we get to ride when we want to , when we can, but the horse himself (and let's not be sexist here, herself as well) gets the exercise that they want and need when we can't be there too.

All around, an excellent idea, don't you think?

Treating That Acne

No, it's not true that acne is just something sent to try hormonal teenagers. Rather, it's something that can happen to any of us at just about any time. So it's good news that there are in fact acne products that can do something about it.

Do note though that it's something about it, not cureing it. That's as yet not possible, to simply take a treatment and it all disappears. But there is an acne product which will both treat it when it does occur and will reduce the liklihood and impact of any further flare ups. There are in fact many of them but most have one rather large problem.

They contain benzoyl peroxide, and while this can indeed help it can also in fact make both hte current symptoms worse and also dry out your skin too much. So why not click through to find out about the best acne products, those from Murad, which don't contain benzoyl peroxide?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sorting out the Basement

Regular readers will know that we've been getting this new (to us at least) house sorted out for some time now. We've got the external and interal parts just about finished now (a little tiling and grouting in the kitchen, not much more to go) and now we need to start getting the things that will keep it in shipshape fashion.

Like basement dehumidifiers. Being where we are, in a region that is both warm and humid (we're near the sea) one of the basement dehumidifiers is pretty much essential for us. During the day of course it's fine down there, but if we don't take care, as night falls and temperature drops, then the moisture will sink out of the air and we'll end up with who knows what funghi growing on the walls.

Yes, funghi, not fun guys. So, in my search for basement dehumidifiers I found this company and their web pgage on them. Looks pretty good to be honest, a good range and great prices. So, excuse me while I go and flash the credit card at them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Getting Your Insurance Sorted Out

It's one of those things that no one really likes to think about: that none of us will live forever. However, while the single with no dependents might simply have to accept this ugly fact about life and its end, those either married or with dependents do need to think a little more about matters.

If you were to die, would your partner be able to keep on living the life they are accustomed to? Would your children still have enough money for college and so on?

This is what the insurance business is all about, insuring against such risks. Here there's two major types of it. For example, 20 year term life insurance. This involves you paying a premium each month for the 20 year term and if you should be unfortunate enough to die in that period then your dependents get taken care of.

There's also with profits insurance, where in return for a higher premium you get not just he life cover but also a savings plan: some of the money you pay over is invested and comes back to you.

The real point about these forms of insurance is that if you're going to get it, you need to get quotes from a number of different suppliers. Like, say, AIG term insurance or Prudential term insurance. Only by looking at what the market has to offer can you be sure of getting the best deal.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nanny Cameras

Now here's something of a conundrum over the appropriate uses of a nanny camera.

Well, to start with of course there's the use for which a nanny camera was designed. So that you can see what said nanny is doing when you're out of the house. Is she entertaining her boyfriend upon the couch while your child struggles in the bath? Or is she taking care of the little darlings in the way you want?

But then we find ourselves wandering off into rather more controversial uses for a nanny camera. Let's imagine that she was rather hot and was indeed entertaining her boyfirend? Is this something you would then watch? And would that be with or without your wife then?

To get to really extreme uses, what if she was indeed hot and was willing to entertain you on the couch? Something to show the wife or not?

Hmm, these things can become a little complicated, can't they?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Marketing Programs

It's a few years since I was involved in this industry but it's still true, the basics of it. The value of any marketing campaign depends upon how tightly you target your advertising. There's no point in your trying to advertise cars either to non-drivers or those too poor to afford one, no point in advertising diapers to those without children.

So the start of any campaign has to be the aquisition of a target list, for example, a marketing list. I recall one campaign we ran where our targets were solicitors (one of the two types of lawyer in England). The customer expected us to use the phone book and simply call every advert in it....we argued that to be a solicitor you had to, by law, be a member of the Law Society. So we shoud use the Law Society membership list, which is what we actually did.

Now not every list of mailing leads is as easy to discover as that: which is why for most such you'll probably want to go to a list broker, they collect and collate these for a specialty.

For example, there's no simple way of collating your own mortgage mailing list so why not click through any of the links and see what the specialists can do for you?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Breast Form Boutique

So here is something a little different for the discerning shopper. The Breast Form Boutique. It describes itself as all you need to "become the woman you've always wanted to be". Umm, no, it's not aimed at the female audience either. Rather, at those who are not female but rather wished they were.

Yes, it's a shop for everyone from the cross-dresser through to the pre-surgery transexual. Not quite my cup of tea but I do find it fascinating that they say that they've been catering to the cross dressing community since the early 1900''s been going on that long?

Still, an interesting selection of goods, many just what you might think of: buttock enhancers, emulating the feminine deposits of adipose tissue, and some you might not have. Who, for example, would have thought that someone made a prosthetic pudendum?

Still if that's what floats your boat, go for it.