Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh NO. Not again...


Sounds like the carnage in Bombay is considerably worse than was the case in London.

But we now know what the score is. Emily showed us how the first time round. I had a small refrain for the Danes.

Arthur takes up the banner today. Go see him and add your support.


MikeD said...

The events in Bombay are indeed terrible - is then a 'sad' emoticon with a turned down mouth really a proper way to signify your dismay? Surely this is the symbol one uses for a program crash or being forced to work a weekend shift - it doesn't really work for the deaths of 200 people.

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...


I quite agree - this is a fair cop. It doesn't signify my dismay properly.

But then, I'm just not sure what would.

Thank you for commenting though - serves to keep me on my toes.