Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Help Defend Free Speech!

This is a simply superb idea.
I cannot be there (see post below), but think this is a superb idea, largely because it is 100% legal and guaranteed to be an especially gratifying smack around the chops for Zanu-Labour.
In the meantime, here are some ideas for things about which exactly one individual ought to protest on 31st Aug:
  1. the ghastliness of the Eurovision song contest;
  2. the lunacy that allows VAT carousels to operate at all;
  3. the abject lunacy of CRB checks;
  4. That entertainment licencing thing that scuppers village halls;
  5. The total and utter failure of prisons to engender any feeling of remorse or contrition in those detained at HM's pleasure;
  6. (more topically) that OfCom ought to just F*CK OFF;
  7. That the person who thought it would be a good idea to ban spontaneous but peaceful protest outside parliament ought to just F*CK OFF;
  8. That the person who thought it would be a good idea to ban spontaneous but peaceful protest outside parliament whilst simultaneously allowing those with an axe to grind and no respect for our ancient freedom to display, openly, the flag of a terrorist organisation REALLY REALLY ought to just F*CK OFF;
  9. In fact, that most of the Government ought to just F*CK OFF;
  10. That something ought to done to stem the tide of the incessant, wanton, disproportionate, premeditated yet entirely unprovoked splitting of infinitives.
There. And that's 10 reasons just off the top of my head.
Act now: you must register your protest on or before 24th August.


Chromatistes said...

11. The army of HR consultants who (after trousering fat fees) peddle the myth that executives will not work effectively unless "...their interests are aligned with those of the Company..." by awarding them grotesquely-large options packages.

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

Whoo Hoo!

I'd protest about that.

Who'd have thought you were an Objectivist, eh?

12. That "Parking attendants" who do not attend in the slightest and who, when told to F*CK OFF before actually issuing the ticket by actually sticking it to your actual windscreen, compound the problem by declaring (wrongly, and possibly illegally) that "I've starting writing it, so it's too late" ought to just F*CK OFF.

dearieme said...

Users of intemperate language ought to fuck o....

james higham said...

P-G, you don't hold with even the teensiest-weensiest bit of splitting for creative purposes? To boldly split where no man has split before?

dearieme said...

OT: you get a plug at

youcancallmemeyer said...

I was linked to your blog by a comment made by devilskitchen in the Guardian’s CIF to John Pilger’s awful commentary on the Israel/Hezbollah war. I usually can’t stomach the Guardian but CIF is sometimes a modern day Colosseum, but I digress. devilskitchen’s link lead me to your “The world’s a sea of shit” comment, which I enjoyed. I like the irony of the Guardian providing me with the opportunity to resource good sites and watch Pilgerite boofheads get their ears boxed at the same time.

I have bookmarked your site.

Sydney, Australia

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

Meyer (can I call you that?),

A very warm welcome to Infinitives Unsplit and Thank you. The problem with CiF in general is that of mirroring: it reflects the world in which we live (that there is a huge gulf in understanding between left and right) and, more importantly, either side just sees what they want to see of themselves. The moonbats will be singing Hallelujah choruses (or whatever the secular humanist internationalist solidarity-minded equivalent might be) at their poster boy "telling uncomfortable truths".

Plus ca change, plus le meme chose...

Toodle Pip!