Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finding Web Hosting

Fine, so we all know that to get our business rolling in these modern times we need to have an outlet on the web. If you're not on the internet then you're not anywhere.

Excellent, but having established that point, how do you work out what sort of web hosting you need? Fortunately, the excellent lads here have done a lot of that work for you by providing a series of web hosting tutorials. Describing the different types of hosting that you can have, shared, multiple domains and so on.

That's not all they do though, there's much more than just that. For example, they rate the different hosting companies so that you can see who is in the top ten web hosts. Or more detailed information about FrontPage hosting. Or perhaps you'd be more interested in more depth in cPanel tutorials?

Whether you're just looking for basic information on what type of hosting is potentially available, or you need guidance to who are the best at the various types, or you need detailed guidance on technical issues, this site is a great resource.

Well worth checking out before you try to sign up to any web hosts.

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