Monday, December 29, 2008

Lighting the house

As regular readers will know we're in the process of sorting out this new to us house down here and we've now got another part of the place near finished. One of the outbuildings, the old washroom, has now been converted into my office. Yes, finally, I will be able to write from a heated room! Rather than what I have been doing for the past year and more, scribbling away in two jerseys and a jacket in winter!

Of course, with another part finished comes the thought of what do we do about lamps?

Of course, the basic set up of the room includes lamps and lampshades in the ceiling, but for an office, something that's going to be used 8 hours a day (for I do indeed work from home) that's not really enough is it?

So I'm roaming around the Farrey's site (very good indeed actually, click through any link to see it) trying to work out what it is that I should supplement them with. Table or desk lamps? Floor?

I have to admit that I've a soft spot for torchieres....maybe that's the solution.

Anyone got any bright ideas (sorry, couldn't resist the pun)?

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James Higham said...

Now if I'd been reading this blog, I'd have known the state of the operation.