Friday, August 07, 2009

Finding commercial mailboxes

One of the nice things about being out here in the country is that, well, we're out here in the coutnry. One of the bad things about being out here in the country is that at times, we're out here in the country.

And that has an impact upon our mail deliveries. The mailman won't come to the house at all: we have to use a commercial mailbox system at the bottom of the road, shared with the other houses around us. That's not all that much of a problem except that the commercial mailbox itself now needs replacing. And that's not just something that you can buy from the store on the corner, is it?

So I've been looking around and found a decent online supplier of a commercial mailbox. Now all I need to do is get the neighbours to sign up to replacing the old one, right?

One slightly naugthy thought does occur: they run a referral service, giving payouts if people get referred through your blog. Should I get one of my neighbours to order the new commercial mailbox though this blog?

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