Monday, September 21, 2009

Furnishing the house

As regular readers will know we're redoing a house down here and we've been looking around, as you do, for the things which go with that. We're now at the point where we're starting to furnish it all and this has led to some discussion.

I'm a huge fan of second hand furniture: specifically antique. Prices have fallen so far in the last couple of years that at auction you can get some amazing bargains. However, I'm with Ian Dury on these things: just as he said he always bought new boots and panties and the rest second hand, I insist that beds and mattresses should be new.

Which has led me to this site selling beds. While I love Victorian Chesterfieleds, my bed and mattress is going to be brand new. There's all the usual advantages to buying on line here, better prices, larger selection and so on. But it's a really huge selection here. It might need some more narrowing down (more specifically, the input of the wife who will share the bed with me) but this French Rattan design looks great to me.

Sturdy, well made, well priced and so on: and it also fits in with much of the decor and patterns that we've already decided upon for the house.

Recommend the site if you're out there looking for beds.

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home staging Toronto said...

There are some very nice beds on the first site you have posted but if you want antique furniture, they just wouldn't fit. The bed from the second one goes much better with antique stuff. Have you completely ruled out the possibility of buying a second-hand bed frame and only purchasing a new mattress? Try to think about it.