Monday, March 29, 2010

The trials of adolesence

A disturbing thing happened to me in my, not the spots or the strange night time urges. Rather, I couldn't understand what everyone else was going on about.

There I would be in class, listening along, checking the textbook and the teacher would wave at the blackboard and ask a question. I would have no idea what he was talking about and there would be this shout of, "But it's obvious!, See, it's written there!".

Eh? You mean people can actually read what it is that you're writing up there? I thought that was just notes for you!

Much the same happened at movies. I could't really work out why people liked them so much. OK, there was the fun soundtrack and dialogue but really, there wasn't much to see, was there, just some blurry impressionistic stuff.

Well, OK, you've guessed it already, yes, I went along to have my eyes tested and found that I needed eye glasses. Not quite what I really wanted when out to impress the ladies (another thing that happens to most of us in adolescence) but at least I could now see whether they were ladies or not.

Ho hum....still, that's my lesson for you youngsters out there. Yes, you are supposed to be able to see the world, yes, movies really do have actors not just colours in them and yes, you really should be able to read what the teacher is putting on the blackboard. Get your eyes tested: it's worth it, believe me.

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