Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where to find your webhosting

As we've pointed out several times around here there's no way a business is going to survive without having a web presence these days. No, you don't have to go the whole hog and only sell over the web, like, say, Amazon does. But you do need at least something to tell potential customers that you're there. If you're not in the search engines, you're just not going to be getting the business, your competitors will be.

The first stage of getting onto the web of course is to work out who your webhosting is going to be with. Are you really going to go and try and sell everything on the web? Market, sell, upgrade, interact with your customers purel;y online? In which case you're almost certainly going to want to look at dedicated server hosting. That's what's going to give you the control over the platform that you need.

Or perhaps you just want a small site to make sure that potential customers can find you? In which case you might want to look at something much simpler (and cheaper) like Wordpress hosting.

But whichever end of the market you're aiming for, or even whatever point in the middle, click through those links to see a useful site which can give you the details on who and where you can get those services.

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