Saturday, March 19, 2011

Algarve Golf Association

We've just startde a new little adventure called Algarve Golf. It's actually two things working together. The Southern Golf Association, which is a not for profit members club and Algarve Golf LLP, which is a reseller of golf and other sporting tickets.

The aim is that between the two we can bundle together the economic weight of our members and thus negotiate discounts on the green fees at various golf courses around the Algarve.

And it's working too. We don't even launch until tomorrow but if you become a member of Algarve Golf then we can provide you with discounted green fees on about half of the golf courses in the Algarve.

Plus money off scuba diving, parachuting, Zoomarine, Splash and Slide and a variety of bars and restaurants along the coast.

There are of course other golf associations in the area: but we're the only one with a club house and the only one that provides money off things other than golf.

So, if you're coming down here, you might want to think about signing up for Algarve Golf. You'll save much more than it will cost you...

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