Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years On

We are all American.

We are all Balinese and Australian.

We are all Spanish.

We are all Londoners.

In fact, whilst we are at, we are all Iraqis.

Actually, let's face it, we are all Muslims.

We are hairdressers; we are teachers and schoolgirls; we are all people trying to help others left destitute by earthquakes.

We are many things, but the one thing we are not, is Hezbollah.


james higham said...

Your succinct wisdom is always to be relied upon. Too bloody right I'm not Hezbo-whatever. How could you seriously wish to be one of those bozos? What a life.

Turn off your f*&^%ing word verification!!!!! Please?

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

thank you.
quite so.
I have no idea, but some people seemed more than happy to declare that they do.
What a life indeed.


faiow: "Swallowed" expletive by a cat that has stubbed its toe whilst in the company of polite society.

Umbongo said...

"but the one thing we are not, is Hezbollah" . . er . . "we" might not be but Lenin's Tomb appears to be

dearieme said...

But alas chunks of the US population and government are IRA. Still.