Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gold Coins

It's a standard part of investment advice that you want to spread your risks: diversification in the jargon. You want to have some of your savings in cash, some in something very near to cash like certificates of deposit. You also want to have some bonds and some equities. A decent portfolio would also include exposure to commodities, which is why it's worth looking into the ways you can buy gold coins.

One simple way is to work with Monex. They're pretty much the experts in hte field and can provide, for example, the American Eagle. This is a gold coin with a face value of $50 (although it is legal tender it's not sensible to use it to buy things: the metal value is far higher) and the advantage of the coin over ingot is that there's a well developed market for them. You can also get 1/10 th of an ounce coins from them.

Those who invested in such coins a few years ago have more than doubled their money showing the value of having a diversified portfolio.

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