Sunday, January 21, 2007

Peter Belisi

Here's an interesting tale of how a business,, started. Working as a bartender in Palm Beach Peter Belisi wondered how to create a sense of style consistent with the wealthy crowd around him: but without having to spend the money of that wealthy crowd.

He hit on the idea of using a single accessory, the tie, to make his mark. Priding himself on never wearing the same one twice he quickly garnered a reputation as someone with style, someone to be consulted as to what was in fact style.

Since then he's been able to build on that, using his own innate sense of taste, and build the business into something which is now a byword for the place to go for for stylish and high end accessories.

It's an inspiring story of how to use a particular talent that you have to get ahead: or if you want to use the economic words, we should all try and find what we're least bad at. There's plenty of bartenders out there, but only Peter Belisi had the style.

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