Friday, November 16, 2007


As part of our continuing campaign here to sort out this new (to us) house we've been buying all sorts of things, from a new roof to bathroom suites. The pace has rather slowed down at the moment (accumulating the money to go for the next big part of the construction project) and so we're looking at those smaller bits and pieces.

Like mailboxes. Our current mailbox is in fact a homemade steel box from the last owners. It has a broken lock (not all that useful) and isn't in fact weather tight. So I've been looking around and I've found MailBoxixchange.

A huge number of different designs, all at great prices. They also have an affiliate program (here) and I wonder, if enough of you readers also need mailboxes, would I be able to get a free one?

Hmm, even if not enough of you do need one, it's still a great site to look for a mailbox.

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