Saturday, November 17, 2007

Spanish Hotels

Thinking about one of those budget mini-breaks? With the cost of air travel going through the floor, well, why not? The thing is though, when you get there you can end up paying a fortune for a place to rest your weary head for the night.

Which is why if you're say, going to Barcelona to look at the Gaudi archtiecture park (there's one house built of what look like human bones for example) up by the Olympic Park, or simply rambling on Las Ramblas (the closer you get to the port itself the cheaper and filthier it gets) you'll want to take a look at this site on spain hotels.

Or if the big city isn't your thing, if beaches and sand are, why not try Benidorm? There's the Axqualandia water park or peacock island if simply soaking up the rays palls: but yes, you'll want to consult spain hotels for they really don't like it if you try sleeping on the beach.

Or perhaps Alicante? The Castillo di Santa Barbara, the Guardalest Monastery....stunning sights and being, as it is, in hte south, almost guaranteed sunshine as well. But yes, you've guessed it, you'll want to use spain hotels before you go, so that you know you've got a reasonably priced place to lay your head before you get there.

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