Saturday, November 01, 2008

A new way to shop online

OK, so we all know that shopping online gives us a better choice of products and also better prices, yes?

The better choice os of course because the retailer doesn't need to have hundreds of everything in hundreds of stores: they can just have one great big warehouse. The better prices are because they don't have to be paying for hundreds of stores,, just the one great big warehouse.

Well, that's all well and good, but then we face another problem, how do we find the people who are selling what we want? Search engines, of course, or perhaps a comparison engine? But the problem with those latter is that they normally only include the companies that have paid to be included. Which isn't really quite what we're really after. We want to see all of them, yes, all of the possible deals?

That's where ShopWiki comes in. It's a comparison engine, yes, but as well as those who ask to be included the show the results of crawling the web as well. So you get everyone offering the goods you're looking for.

But again, they go further than that, and provide guides to what is available, then drilling down to the individual offers. For example, here's a search for women's trainers. Then, nested under that you've got the results for women's puma trainers. And so on down to individual styles and the various retailers offering them and at what prices.

It's a very cool way of handling things and it's thoroughly recommended.

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