Monday, November 10, 2008

Singers Room

This is an interesting littlesite.

It's one of the new breed of web only magazines that are growing up. This is of course the way that the media will all go in he end, there's not going to be any point in killing trees to deliver news and stories to people. concentrates on multimedia online stories. It's a long way away from the Wall Street Journal which is what makes it interesting of course.

For example, check out 's celebrity blog: as I'm looking at it the top story is how Bey and Jey have just spent $70,000 on a table.....that's some realy money there for something to eat breakfast off, ain't it?

Or how about the news feed, the top story of which is Adreinne Bailon's loss of her laptop....with nude photographs of herself on it. Those photos now spreading across the internet. also carried music videos, photos and interviews. If you're into hte urban scene looks like a great place to check out.

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