Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Those commercial mailboxes

I have to admit, one of the things I like about these here United States ids the choice that we all have available to us. For example, commercial mailboxes. I'm not sure if you realise this that in other countries, these choices simply don't exist.

I've lived in a couple of other countries and the mere idea that we might get to choose our own commercial mailboxes simply doesn't exist. We get what the government says we should have, That's it, no choices, no differences, simply the same for everyone.

Yes, OK, I know, the choice of commercial mailboxes isn't the most obvious expression of freedom....but that we have that choice is indeed such an expression.

What's even more fun is that, with these available choices, you can even earn money from the mailbox affilitate program.

I gotta tell you, ain't America great?

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