Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yes! It's Tax Time!

Gosh, don't we all love this time of year? We get to calculate and then pay over whatever amount it is that our Lords and Masters have decided to extract from us for their pet schemes. Well, yes, OK, perhaps we're not really all that excited about it all but it is indeed something that we have to do.

Which is why you and I will probably be visiting the offices of, or using the online services of, some tax specialists this season. For it's not just that there's the thousands of pages of stuff about Federal taxes. Most of us, I certainly do, need state tax help as well.

It's also true that those of us with complex affairs (or those of us who didn't get the specialist help in the past and are now facing problems as a result) might need the services of a tax attorney or two. Once the tax men get their fangs into you you really do need that professional help to get them off you.

For example, there's a horrible practice called IRS wage garnishment and that's something you really don't want to happen: or if it has, you're going to need help with it.

So click through any of those links to see where you can get the help you need in this difficult season.

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