Wednesday, September 29, 2010

On the subject of mens' clothes

Hmm, actually, should that be men's clothes or mens' clothes? Our approximation at solving the riddle of the Greengrocer's Apostrophe of the day perhaps (or is that Greengrocers'?). The clue to where the placement of that little piece of punctuation is is whether we are talking of clothes for a man or clothes for many men. And it could indeed still be both for while they might be clothes that would appeal to many men we usually expect that they'll be worn by just the one man. At any particular time at least.

Hmm, anyway, to get away from the pedantry, this is of course the time of year when wardrobes get cleared out, last year's warm winter woollies checked for signs of moth damage and then the necessary replacements found. Of course, the necessity of topping up the men's clothes selection foudn in said wardrobes does mean that one is also able to advance one's look to this season's fashions rather than being, like so many of our fellow Brits, stuck somewhere around 2002. Or, in particulalry sad cases, whatever year one's mother is stuck in when she buys your clothes for you.

Which leads us to a little recommendation if you are indeed on the hunt for expansions in the selection of men's clothes available to you. Just click through any of the links and you'll be taken to a site carrying the best of the best, up to date fashion for men. There's free delivery (if you're qquick) on orders over £50 and there's even a student discount. And if you don't like online shopping then there's a store locator so you can find out where to find the clothes in meatspace. What more could you possibly want?

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