Friday, April 21, 2006


Everyone is noting this auspicious occasion, so consider a suitably grovelling doffing of the peacock feather hat and marched bands tossed in Her Majesty's general direction.

Note that I have refrained from a rousing, full-bodied rendition of "Happy Birthday" as I understand that it is still subject to Copyright.

This anomaly is of course newsworthy following this little campaign. I must say that I support this wholeheartedly as, to be honest, anything that:
1) places restrictions on people lawfully signing singing "Living Doll" whilst simultaneously
2) ensuring that Cliff Richard is condemned to do so forever
is an extraordinarily good thing in my book.

Many Happy Returns of the day, Your Majesty.

[Doffs hat, bows to scrape the floor and backs gently out of the double-doors]

UPDATE: If you do not already sit, staring at your RSS reader, waiting for the next nugget of wisdom from Deogolwulf, you are either spectacularly ill-informed or almost inhumanly immune to the finer things in life. He comments here on this topic. RTWT.


ninme said...

Hurrah! Your Cliff Richards reference means nothing to me, but I admire it all the same. Meanwhile, Peter is taking me out for dinner to celebrate this auspicious occasion. I didn't pack a peacock feather hat though (it's not really out-doorsy, is it).

dearieme said...

I've often wondered where new "traditions" spring from and now I've witnessed the birth of one: hurray! 'Signing' "Living Doll" will add enormously to the gaiety of nations. Every cheque will bring a smile to the lips. Well done.

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

ninme, read the link.

Dearieme. oops. corrected.

Robert said...

You're right about Deogolwulf, PG. Thanks for the tip-off. I've always thought that 'tradition' was a rubbish argument for ther monarchy, so it is refreshing to see an alternative argument.