Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Reptile Returns

The reptile is on superlative form today - must be the after-effects of all that refreshing mountain air.

Two excellent posts.
1) Clarke - may he rot in hell:
"Charles Clarke has issued a blizzard of ropy initiatives over the last few days that range from the inept to the immoral via the ineffective."
2) The Gurkhas. RTWT.

I recall vividly being given a demonstration on the correct method to deploy for a section attack, by the Gurkha demonstration company at RMAS. The first step is, of course, Preparation. The Gurkha corporal marched along the line of his soldiers to inspect their efforts, checking camouflage, ensuring they had ammunition etc and finally performing the "jump test". Each soldier jumps up and down to check whether he has any loose equipment that make an unwanted noise. One stooge is of course replete with dangling mess tins and loose cutlery. Corporal duly sets about him with vigour and then declares to roars of applause from the watching Officer Cadets:
But as Tim so rightly says: Don't mess....

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