Monday, April 17, 2006

Holiday Reports (2)

Secret Room
Originally uploaded by The Pedant-General.
Here we see the collected Pedants-General at bedtime in the log-cabin-in-Ordinary.

This particular photo was taken in a rather natty little extra secret room in the eaves of said cabin, which was accessible only by a ladder/trapdoor thing.

The boys have already colonised this room as a "secret den". Lady P-G and I are apparently unaware of its existence.

It's not a Secret Den. It's a rocket.

UPDATE: It's not a Rocket. It's a dungeon.

The youngest master Pedant-General has been incarcerated. It is not clear if a ransom is being demanded. Neither is it clear whether or not Lady P-G or I would be minded to pony up. (And if we did, Gordon Brown would probably want to try and tax the capital transfer. Bastard.)

UPDATE: It's not a Dungeon. It's a Hotel.

The youngest master Pedant-General is some kind of bag-carrier and room service waiter. Whether or not this represents a release from his earlier incarceration or merely a further descent into slavery is similarly unclear.

UPDATE: It's not a Hotel. It's a Helicopter.

Although apparently fairly fast (capable of something approaching the speed of light, it seems), this particular helicopter is demonstrably lacking in range and may not make it to the other side of the loch. Lady P-G and I are being requested to take some petrol to an island in the middle where it can refuel. The youngest master Pedant-General seems to have been emancipated so that is at least something.

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