Thursday, May 29, 2008

Exercising the Horses

Now this is something I'd never really thought about before but now that I've seen it I think it's wonderful. It's a horse exerciser.

No, yes, I know what you're thinking....we keep horses to get exercise ourselves, don't we? So why would we want a horse walker that gives them that exercise automatically? And there's a point there, but when you look at how we actually live our lives today, you begin to see why. How many of us can actually ride our horse each and every day? Well, yes, quite. Plenty of us cannot manager to walk our dogs every day....

So that's the niche that horse walkers occupy: yes, we get to ride when we want to , when we can, but the horse himself (and let's not be sexist here, herself as well) gets the exercise that they want and need when we can't be there too.

All around, an excellent idea, don't you think?

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