Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nanny Cameras

Now here's something of a conundrum over the appropriate uses of a nanny camera.

Well, to start with of course there's the use for which a nanny camera was designed. So that you can see what said nanny is doing when you're out of the house. Is she entertaining her boyfriend upon the couch while your child struggles in the bath? Or is she taking care of the little darlings in the way you want?

But then we find ourselves wandering off into rather more controversial uses for a nanny camera. Let's imagine that she was rather hot and was indeed entertaining her boyfirend? Is this something you would then watch? And would that be with or without your wife then?

To get to really extreme uses, what if she was indeed hot and was willing to entertain you on the couch? Something to show the wife or not?

Hmm, these things can become a little complicated, can't they?

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