Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sorting out the Basement

Regular readers will know that we've been getting this new (to us at least) house sorted out for some time now. We've got the external and interal parts just about finished now (a little tiling and grouting in the kitchen, not much more to go) and now we need to start getting the things that will keep it in shipshape fashion.

Like basement dehumidifiers. Being where we are, in a region that is both warm and humid (we're near the sea) one of the basement dehumidifiers is pretty much essential for us. During the day of course it's fine down there, but if we don't take care, as night falls and temperature drops, then the moisture will sink out of the air and we'll end up with who knows what funghi growing on the walls.

Yes, funghi, not fun guys. So, in my search for basement dehumidifiers I found this company and their web pgage on them. Looks pretty good to be honest, a good range and great prices. So, excuse me while I go and flash the credit card at them.

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Mr Free Market said...

Ah, so you are building a Joseph Fritzl room ... I recommend that everyone with children should have one