Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Which web host?

So, we all know that the success or not of our business in these modern times will depend upon how well we manage our web presence. It's just not possible to be successful without using the information superhighway any more.

OK, so we know that. But then comes the question, OK, where should I put my site? And here's a lot more to that than just price. That's why I very much like this series of web hosting articles. They're not there simply to sell you something, they're geniuinely informative pieces which will open you mind to the basic issues that you need to be thinking about. Price against reliability, security against ease of building. That's what a decent series of web hosting articles would be and this is what this is.

Of course, once you read and digest, you'll then be able to work out what are the tradeoffs that you want to make with your own site. And the same site can then help you with all of that. Cheap web hosting, security issues, there's a mine of information and guidance available for you there.

Well worth reading before you decide how to get your business on the web.

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