Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sorting out the trade fair

No, that's sorting out the trade fair, not sorting out fair trade. For someone like me, with a business, one of the things that has to be done is that form of advertising which involves trade show exhibits. It can be a little like standing in a barn and hawking your wares, but a well designed trade show exhibit will make a great deal of difference to how successful you are at it.

Instead of simply having a booth and a table with a few brochures, think how much more attention people are going to pay to you if you had one of these great trade show exhibits to excite them?

OK, something quite that grand might be beyond your budget. It's certainly beyond ine. But it does make the point that if you're going to be at a trade show, you really do want to pay attention to your trade show exhibit: after all, it's you exhibiting yourself to the trade and the better you can do that the more orders you're going to take.

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