Monday, June 13, 2005

A close run thing

Sunday morning found your Pedant-General at the breakfast table, coffee in hand, contemplating the torrential rain that threatened to derail the P-G niece's birthday party. My ears pricked up and I had cause to instruct my trusty camp-follower, the Gentleman Usher of the Cat-o-nine-tails, to dig out said instrument from my portmanteau.

This had caught my eye.

"And that means taking risks, declaring what we believe in, getting beyond the spin and having an adult conversation."

There it was - as clear as daylight. A political "And" - used, in vain, to give emphasis to the most meaningless drivel ever to have graced the august pages of the Sunday Torygraph. An open and shut case I thought and enforceable by flogging.

But yet, your Pedant-General is a merciful Pedant-General. This is, after all, a first offence and any politician submitting an article with the headline "Do I look like a knobhead?" must have a certain redeeming quality.

I shall let her off, this once, with the answer "Yes".

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