Thursday, August 25, 2005

Things to do at lunchtime

An occasional column....

1. A empty quarter litre Coke bottle (or any other PET/plastic fizzy drink bottle)
2. Quarter litre of liquid nitrogen
3. A metal dustbin full of hot water

1. Fill the bottle with the liquid nitrogen
2. Screw the top on. Hard.
3. Drop it in the metal dustbin full of hot water
4. Run away. Fast.

Alternatively, you should go and watch this lunatic do it for you.



dearieme said...

Where can you find a metal dustbin these days?

Cornelius Fenestrifex said...

Cf J J Norwich's 'A Christmas Cracker 2002' for the Falloon Molecular Landmine which started with 'a simple penny firework from whose blue touch paper the igniter retired in great haste because it burned through the critical piece of string which suspended a large bucket of liquid oxygen over an open drum of petrol.'

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

Thank you very much both of you.

I must admit that there was a certain of reckless, almost "gay", abandon with which Dr Bunhead addressed his earlier tricks with liquid oxygen....

I am also reminded of a Northern Irish colleague of mine who needed a small shed destroying (you know how they have these irrepressible needs over there).

answer: 50 gallon drum with a good dose of lighter fluid. Retire to a safe distance (or whatever - safety clearly wasn't at the top of this chap's agenda) and fire at it with a .22

Job done.

Toodle Pip!

dearieme said...

I had a friend who intended to burn down an old garden shed, complete with contents, and then got cold feet. His wife arrived home to find police and army in attendance: my chum had started to clear the shed out and then found two old unexploded German bombs inside.

dearieme said...

Blow me, that was a dull yarn. Apologies.