Tuesday, September 13, 2005

And now in the real world....

Aside from DK's current obsession with ruling the world, I have one very concrete suggestion to make:


You may think that this is a departure from the unassuming and apologetic style of your measured and understated Pedant General. However, this is as close to be being so completely spot as one can care to get:
If the Orange Order parades were really Christian, their organisers would meekly route them to avoid offending neighbours; if the “Catholic” side were Christians, they would refuse such chivalry and welcome their Protestant brothers, drums and all. So if we are having all these “tough” new laws against inciting religious hatred and backing terrorism, we may as well deploy them evenhandedly. A plague on all their wicked houses: militant mullahs and self-righteous Orangemen, video braggarts on al-Jazeera and Gerry Adams flattering mass-murderers.

There are tens of thousands of decent people trying to get on with their lives in Ulster. Government’s sole duty is to those who do not bomb or riot or encourage it. World leaders have better things to do in dangerous times than to waste time placating and featherbedding the vanity of gangsters.

Hurrah for Libby! She has been suffering from a slightly wonky approach lately, but this is a remarkable return to form.

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