Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More thoughts on Governance

The Devil, in his kitchen, has brewed a potent cocktail of policies for his forthcoming bid to overthrow this shambolic and mendacious government of failed social workers and assorted morons.

There is certainly one recurring theme in the collected policies of his cabinet ministers. It can be summed up in word: "Liberty". More precisely in four words: "the Desire for Liberty". I can think of no stronger binding principle than this in the formation of any government policy.

But, to paraphrase the cat in the hat*, that is not all. Oh no, that is not all.
It is to my inestimably brilliant colleague at the Home Office,
the great Jarndyce, that the credit must go. His analysis of the org chart at the real Home Office is commendably lucid. What, I wonder, would be the result if we were to apply this method to ALL government departments.

I wonder, indeed...

* I mused in an earlier posting, rather as an aside, that a little more mathematics and slightly less sociology would do this country a power of good. My search for "The Cat in the Hat" revealed this, which is a perfect case in point. I wonder how many applicants to the post of Department Head of "Confidence, Customers and Communications" would be able to solve this succintly and elegantly (if at all)?

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