Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Libby and Ritalin, Mice and Knuckles

Libby Purves is on fine form again today:
"... One woman interviewed about the marvels of Ritalin complained that before it her three-year-old was always asking questions, and going on to another as soon as one was answered, which drove her mad. Well, it drives us all mad: 'Why is the moon? Can sheep fly?' But if we are wise, we rejoice in it."

I can relate to this. The three year old middle master Pedant-General floored us all the other day with:
Do mice have knuckles?

Well? Do they? And if so, what for?


Devil's Kitchen said...

Accoding to this (scroll down to see knuckles highlighted. If the link works, of course) they do indeed.

"How do we generate the Dorsal- Ventral axis?

Palms - ventral

Knuckles - dorsal

Need to be sure that extensor muscles of digits form on the dorsal side and that flexor muscles form on the ventral side."

It's a description of experiments on mice. One has to assume that they have knuckles since they have, like us, jointed phallanges (fingers, for all you lucky non-biologists out there) and, thus, knuckles. I don't think that they are for anything particularly.


Arthur said...

I don't know about knuckles, but some bald mice now have hair - which is of comfort to some of us.

See: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2005/09/0927_050927_baldmice.html