Monday, October 10, 2005

Brit blog Roundup

Your humble and largely illiterate Pedant-General is simply thrilled to get a mention in Tim Worstall's Brit Blog Roundup for this week.



Devil's Kitchen said...

Yes, nice one, PG. Glad to see that you took Deogolwulf with you on that one. I really do enjoy that guy. Or gal (naturally. Or unnaturally. Whatever).


Deogolwulf said...

DK, you didn't imagine I was a gal, did you? By the way, thanks for the encouraging words and the links on your blog. Any chance that I might become part of your cabinet? Some kind of sinecure would be nice, much as Fatty Prescott now enjoys, though I doubt I could achieve that level of uselessness. Perhaps Deputy Minister for Something-or-Other.

P-G, yes, thanks for that. I thought your "offensive spirit" post was very fine indeed.

The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

Praise indeed, Deogolwulf.

DK, I would have thought that, in the event that there is not a Ministry of Philosophy, or even a Department for the Ritual Humiliation of GobShite Sociologists, there ought to be one and further that our chum Deogolwulf would make an excellent Permanent Under-Secretary in it?

Dare I say it, he might even come in useful as a "Special Advisor" (a la Jo Moore) at the Dept of Edukashun.

As I keep saying, "a little more mathematics, and a little less Sociology"....

Toodle Pip!