Thursday, January 19, 2006

Girls don't do Science

Your prejudiced, patriarchal and profoundly patronising Pedant-General takes a leaf out of the school jotter of his 7 year old nephew when he declares:
Boys are best and girls are rubbish.
Specifically, girls are rubbish at science. Even those terrifically nice girls at InkyCircus. Some of you, stuck in your lefty-liberal dogma, may think this a little harsh.

On the contrary, it is entirely fair. Proof? Try this:
The US Environmental Protection Agency is celebrating it's 35th birthday today. This means that the EPA is a Capricorn.
Indeed, it would appear that girls struggle with any logical/rational rules-based system: There is a misplaced possessive apostrophe in that quote as well....

P-G Prescription: This sort of transgression usually merits a sound thrashing to be delivered on the steps of the perpetrator's club. Unfortunately, this won't work as no decent club - it has be a decent club upon whose steps the thrashing is to be administered in order to have the correct deterrent effect on the populace at large - will admit girls as members. In any case, it would be frightfully ungentlemanly to strike a lady.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I fear the collapse of Western Civilisation.


Potentilla said...

Some might feel that a colon followed by a capital letter was, at the least, a little American as a punctuation choice.

Lord Pasternack said...

Now now - let's not jump to these rash conclusions.

Guys are either extremely rational or extremely emotional: Fact. And at that, I think more are rational than emotional - but you do get the Romeo Montagues...

Females tend to be more social, empathetic and intuitive: Fact also. But there are likely many girls out there with the capacity to be rational.

I'm not for all the PC stuff that states that men and women are really just the same, only one has bigger breasts than the other and lacks a penis.

There are many differences between men and women, although neither sex should be discriminated against without good cause. (A while back, I heard, a firefighting service made their firefighting training a little easier, because they felt they were discriminating against women - because men were stronger than women and part of the training involved lifting the weight of an average person. Bonkers.)

But for a girl - I'm quite rational.

See this also.