Monday, January 16, 2006

Vote for Boris!

Those poor misguided fools that can count themselves as regular readers of this blog, will be well aware that your fiendish and dastardly Pedant-General has an underling tasked solely with tracking the movements and prognostications of that most notably foppish OE, Boris Johnson.

So, although delighted to be in receipt, this morning, of a missive from that nice Mr Eugenides, I am thus mortified to discover that I am several days behind the curve:
As you may or may not be aware, Boris Johnson MP has put his name forward for election as Rector of Edinburgh University. He will be opposed by such as John Pilger and Mark Ballard (a Green MSP, apparently).

I am not a graduate of that establishment, and not involved in Boris' campaign, but a friend of mine, who is, has asked me to "put the word out" about the candidature, and as my own poor blog is clearly inadequate for such a task, I have taken the liberty of a group email (albeit with a somewhat random address field).
All most welcome and a very great improvement on the Jelly-bellied Flag-flapper.
I shall get my politico-lobbyist-rottweiler on the case. He should be able to sort this out.

Except.... Except...

Isn't there just a teeny weeny hint of a conflict of interest?


Arthur Seat said...

Your humble lobbyist rottweiler was of course at University with the great Boris and is a graduate of the University he seeks to be Rector of. I expect the call from Boris HQ any day...

dearieme said...

My daughter met him a while ago. What was he like, I asked. "Drunk!"
He's got my vote then.