Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Power Inquiry

A useful little "free-for-all" on the Exec Summary of the Power Inquiry Report here.
(Doffing of Peacock-Feathered Hat in the general direction of Nosemonkey)

I haven't had much of a chance to think about this in any great detail. In any case, Mr Seat is far cleverer, has more inclination and will tell us all what the important bits are in the minimum number of words needed so to do with clarity, precision, wit and elegance. (So need tor us mere mortals to worry about it)

Besides, none of my extensive powers are remotely accountable to anything so messy as democracy, so my interest in the topic would be academic at best.


Earl Jackson said...

Hi, my name's Earl Jackson and I'm serving my last two years of a twenty stretch for a double murder. I've just started my own blog called 'Sand in the Vaseline'. You can see that
I'm going to link to this blog anyway, as it's a fine read.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Earl. Good idea to link to this one too:)