Friday, March 10, 2006

RIP John Profumo

The confluence of some dreadful doggerel from DK this morning and this news item prompts your Public-Spirited Pedant-General to remind his audience of this rather natty verse:
Oh what have you done cried Christine,
You've wrecked the whole party machine!
To lie in the nude
may be terribly rude
But to lie in the House is obscene...
No wiggling about and attempting to (re-)define the word "is" in those days....

UPDATE (Sunday pm): ninme picks up on this story. We discover, from a man who would definitely know, that her take on the "spy" angle is, very uncharacteristically, wrong.

And her chum, the enigmatically named "RC2", gives me a mention, which is also nice.


ninme said...

"However, he never slept with Miss Keeler and did not try to exploit her acquaintance for intelligence purposes. He was basically a low-ranking, modest and timid man."

Says him!

Lord Pasternack said...

You want limericks?!

There was a young rector of Kings
Whose mind was on heavenly things
But his heart was on fire
For a boy in the choir
Whose ass was like jelly on springs.

There are others, but I can remember them in their entirety, and half a limerick isn't really worth it, frankly... :P

(Yeah. I still don't have a decent screen-name. Perhaps I'll just accept that I'm boring and make it my name.)