Thursday, June 12, 2008

Auto Transport

Recent events have made me start to think a great deal about auto transport. Yes, I know, an odd subject to be pondering, but the changes in gas prices around the world have led to some very different behaviour in different parts of the world. And, being the sort of globe trotting international guy that I am this might open up some interesting opportunities.

In the US the rise in gas prices has led to people ditching their large trucks and SUVs in favour of more economical vehicles. This is pushing down hte price of used versions of them, as basic Economics 101 would indicate. Now I also know people in other countries that don't have high gas prices: so if I could get decent car shipping to move used cars from the US to those countries then there could be a good profit to be made, don't you think?

Now the people I know outside the US are in Angola and Venezuela: both big oil producers and also places which subsidise the domestic price of gas. So the prices of used large cars in those countries haven't been hit in the same way.

Buy cheap, sell higher, that's the way to make money, isn't it?

And having looked around the web I've been able to find a company that does indeed deal with international car shipping. And at higly reasonable prices as well: now all I need to find out is whether my buddies are up for the challenge....

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