Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gadget Reviews

The problem with this never ending stream of gadetry that pours out of the manufacturers is that you never know when someone has released something you might actually want. Sure, there's 15 new phones every afternoon, but which, if any of them, are actually worth having?

Which is why I'm rather happy to have found this great site full of gadget reviews. Up to date, comprehensive, clear and simple in their evaluations. Sounds simple for them to do of course but there's a huge amount of effort that goes into trying to organise something like that and keep it up to date.

For an example of their latest gadgets have a look here. It gives you a very good idea of the sort of range of gadgetry they cover: it's not all just phones or laptops. There's also this page which allows you to access a series of top 10 reviews. The top 10 games consoles, the top 10 PC accessories, the top 10 robots....

And excellent site to go browsing through and a must visit one if you're thinking of adding to your stock of man toys and gadgets.

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