Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finishing Off The House.

As regular readers will know we've been working on this new (to us) house for some time now. And while pretty much everything is now done as always, when you think you've finished, you haven't quite. With hte heat of the summer (finally!) upon us, there's some discussion about how we need to get some ceiling fans into the place to move the hot air around.

Fortunately, we know where to go for a great selection at great prices: these ellington fans look really good for example. Or maybe these casablanca fans would be better?

But from my point of view the best thing about being able to do all of this shopping on hte net is that I don't have to do it. Having found this great supplier, all I have to do is hand the mouse over to the wife and let her get on with it.....Dear? perhaps these hunter fans are more what you're looking for? I'm off for a beer while you look around.....

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