Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Kauffman Foundaton and Entrepreneurship

If you're interested in entrepreneurship at all then you'll really want to check out this site of the Kauffman Foundation. For me the biggest interest is their scholarly work into entrepreneurs, what makes them tick and how to encourage more of them.

But what they actually do is a great deal more than that. Founded from the fortune of Ewing Kauffman (the founder of Marion Industries) they do a great deal more than just the dry and dusty scholarship.

For example, on campuses right across the country the encourage college entrepreneurship: if you're looking around for someone who might be able to help with a bright idea you've got that wouldn't be a bad place to start.

They've also created a network of angels and investors who will actually fund (obviously, some but not all) good ideas and good people.

But I think that the part that I like best is that they've noted that minority entrepreneurship is less common than in other groups, and theyre working to do something about that.

All in all they do education, outreach, funding, training and public advocacy on the subjects of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship: all good stuff for it's that next generation of them that's going to pay for all our retirements.

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