Monday, July 11, 2005

7/7 Roundup and Others

The inestimable Nosemonkey has a charity/legal problem. He has set up a paypal account to allow the grateful public to donate to a beer fund for the emergency services and wants advice on how to disburse it properly.

Meanwhile, if ever there was an outpouring of everything that makes one proud to be British, it is this.

But spare a thought for poor old Boris. His weekly comment article at the Torygraph is published, weekly, on a Thursday. His entire magazine, The Spectator, is published, weekly, on a Thursday. He is doomed forever to be behind the curve. Not content with missing the outcome of all General Elections in the UK, he has contrived to miss the latest big event to hit London also, even if he has managed to scramble out an update to the front page article for the online edition this week.

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