Thursday, July 14, 2005

You Verb, I Punish.

Your jingoistic and "gung-ho" Pedant-General is an ardent supporter of HM armed services and the courageous men and women who take HM's shilling.

He is less enamoured with the snake oil salesmen who purport to be their political masters. The current minister of defence (scroll to 4th letter or so) is a n exemplary case in point. This man wouldn't recognise integrity or duty to your men if it came up and slapped him on the top of his bald head.
On not one of these occasions has The Daily Telegraph bothered to News the praise that I have heaped on our soldiers.

What???? It is clear that this vile excuse for an inverterbrate knew what he was doing because he choose to render his "verbed" noun with a capital letter.

P-G Prescription: A month or so, on compo rations and patrol in Camp Dogwood.

He wouldn't last a second.


The Bagged Bear said...

One can only assume that "news" is an irregular verb:

I news
You spin
She's lying through her teeth

Steve said...

I'm sorry I've not caught up with your blogging for a while - I'll blame the weather.

I don't have anything in particular to say about this post, but just wanted to pile some praise on!